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Here are 5 Ways You Can Go Bold With Texture

May 12, 2022
Kitchen with tiles

At O’Connor Home Design, we love going bold with texture in our interior design projects. Breaking out of ‘boring’, we aim for detailed textures that bring warmth, comfort, and character to living spaces. From wallpaper to furniture, stone to window treatments and tile, there are endless ways to uplift your home.

Each equipped with its own benefits, we’re excited to share our design insight with you and hope you discover new and exciting ways to achieve your dream home!

Here are five ways you can go bold with texture in your home:

Living Room with textured Wallpaper

1. Wallpaper

Dare to be different? Making a statement in your home with bold wallpaper is a great way to stand out. One of the greatest things about using textured wallpaper is the ability to stimulate a dramatic feel in a room without having to alter the furnishings, flooring, or architectural details. Wallpapers are a fun way of bringing a new look into any area of your home and further creating an entirely new ambiance.

The textural details are what really capture attention and engage guests with your home in a new and enchanting way. Like a maze, the naked eye will be drawn to explore different areas of the room. Using bold colors, patterns, and funky textures in your space gives you the opportunity to show off who you really are, what you like, and what inspires you. Your home should be a place where you feel truly yourself. 

Bathroom with textured Wallpaper

2.  Furniture

Afraid to go overboard with bold, deep colors or wallpaper? Have no fear – There’s a foolproof solution to add personality to your home at your own speed. Textured furniture is a great way to raise visual appeal in your home without being overwhelming. If you’re going for a natural look, you can incorporate rattan patterns or organic materials into your home with woven designs such as light pendants, furniture, and delicate decor. 

Alternatively, you can add flair with furniture such as leather chairs, statement headboards, or other unique accent furniture. This will easily create a retreat-like atmosphere in your home, without being over-the-top.

Bedroom with textured furniture

3. Stone

Go bold with stone!  This texture is ideal for creating contrast, raising visual impact, and balancing any space with bold flair. You can incorporate stone with everyday surfaces like countertops and vanities, such as trending honed and matte marble, along with engineered quartz and Dekton. Benefits of choosing stone include their sustainable texture, leading to an ever-lasting appeal combined with their low-maintenance properties, making it easy to upkeep. 

Additionally, you can incorporate stone within smaller details of your home. For example, unique slabs with lots of veining— such as Calacatta Monet or Calacatta Gold,  allow the stone itself to act as a piece of art. Stone backsplashes are ideal for completing any kitchen with a luxurious aesthetic, while stone sinks and countertops are perfect for achieving a luxe minimalism look in master bathrooms and powder rooms. 

Blue Bathroom with marble sink

4. Window Treatments

Going for eye-catching designs doesn’t always mean bright colors - Window treatments such as woven woods or organic adjustable shades are a simple way to add dimension and depth to your home. Did you ever step out in nature and felt fascinated by your surroundings? Now imagine, capturing that tranquil feeling and bringing it into your home to be enjoyed daily. Window treatments offer many positive psychological effects, linked to serenity found within simple pleasures of life, such as being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. 

For instance, if you have windows that need new shades, consider earthy elements or organic shades for a clean and textured look. A perfect way to display serene and coastal casual vibes in your newly refreshed home.

Living Room with woven wood window treatments

5. Tile

Living in color is a lot more fun, wouldn’t you agree? Colors not only impact our mood and well-being, but they also define our sense of space.  The beauty of using tile in your home is the various designs, patterns, and textures you can choose from. Darker tile can have a dramatic effect, while simplistic tile can have a calming effect. If you’re opting for warm-colored tile, be mindful that warmer colors can make a large space feel smaller and centered, which can be useful for achieving a cozy and intimate vibe. Versus neutral and light tile foster a more spacious and airy atmosphere. 

Ultimately, tile brings personality and variety to any space. Whether you opt for a vibrant tile backsplash in your kitchen to add bold flair or soothing tile in your bathroom for a peaceful getaway feel, tile will shift your atmosphere instantly. 

Bathroom with tiles

Time to let your spaces sing with personality and depth by threading bold texture throughout your home, as you see fit. Have fun with the design process and unlock your home’s full potential in a visionary way!

If you find yourself in need of further direction, feel free to contact us on our O’Connor Home Design website, we’d love to take the stress off of planning - Enjoy!