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Four Top Reasons To Choose A Blue Palette

April 7, 2022
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Four Top Reasons To Choose A Blue Palette

When you think of the color blue, what comes to mind? As a neutral color, blue goes with anything, just like your trusty old denim jeans. At O’Connor Home Design, we are very passionate about helping others turn their dream home into a reality. Sometimes all it takes is changing a few details to shift the atmosphere for the better!

As we live at the shore, a common thread among many clients is their skepticism of using blue. We are here to debunk this ‘nautic-only’ myth and share with you our professional design insight about how blue goes with everything,  like your jeans.

Here are four reasons to choose a blue palette:


Reason #1: The Big Picture

As your home is your oasis, it is your sanctuary. Choosing blue for your home is guaranteed to rejuvenate and inspire you. In many beach homes, blue sets the mood and establishes a sense of luxury. While blue is common in many of these coastal homes, it is not just for beach houses, it works wonders in all residential homes, regardless of location. 

As there are many shades of blue, from warm to cool tones, blue offers plenty of variety. From being reserved to being energizing and even ultra-bold and seductive, there are endless ways to style this color to your advantage! The overall big picture is that blue works everywhere and anywhere.  You don’t need a major overhaul; you can begin to infuse shades of blue throughout your home by sprinkling it with accessories such as artwork, pillows, vases, and books, a perfect and easy way to evoke pure joy and bliss.


Reason #2: The Contrast + Balance

Let’s face it…It’s all about balance! Contrast and balance play a transformational role in completing any space. Due to its neutral base, blue is ideal for complementing any room with a pop of color or flair that it may be missing. Whether you’re recreating your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom, there are endless opportunities to use this inspiring and versatile color to your advantage.

 For instance, if your kitchen has a light, neutral-based theme, incorporating shades of blue in either a sparkling backsplash or dramatic runner, can create contrast. 

Contrast is what balances the room and offers more area for the naked eye to explore!

Kitchen backsplash

Reason #3: The Feelings It Evokes 

Have you ever heard of color theory? If not, color theory explains how color has the ability to directly affect our mood. What better place to apply this theory, than in your very own home? As our homes serve as our places of comfort and safety, every detail should make us feel truly at home, blue can have a positive effect on our mood and perspective.

According to the psychological reasoning behind this color, blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability, incorporating this feeling throughout your home will raise feelings of zen, harmony, and overall peace.

Master tub

Reason #4: It’s Natural Beauty & Benefits

Blue is full of natural beauty.  As we see blue within our surroundings in nature, our mind automatically connects this color with a neutralizing and refreshed feel. Whether you look up at the sky on a clear day or watch the ocean rolling in along the shoreline, there is a natural aspect of blue that is directly related to the beauty of Mother Nature.

This natural beauty comes with its benefits. For instance, there are various shades of blue that gently merge the line between outdoor and indoor living. This allows the mind to wander, dream, and feel more relaxed. Furthermore, it brings the beauty of nature indoors with familiar comforts, giving you the best of both worlds.

Hall bath

All in all, it’s safe to say blue will fit your home, in the same way as your favorite pair of denim jeans, fit you! We are thrilled to share our professional interior insight with you and hope it brings many benefits to your own living spaces.

Enjoy the design process, your newly evolved home, and your newfound sense of peace!

For questions or design inquiries, you may contact us directly on our website. 

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