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Choosing The Right Countertop For Your Space

June 6, 2022
Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to choosing the right countertop for your bathroom, kitchen, or bar, there are various elements to consider. The type of material you choose will ultimately determine the durability and functionality of your countertop. 

As bathrooms and kitchens are both used day in, and day out, sustainability is a must. However, you may consider a much different choice of texture for either space due to their different needs and purposes. Throughout our projects at O’Connor Home Design, we believe designing for lifestyle, and daily enjoyment leads to the happiest and most full-filled homes. 

Here’s what to consider when choosing the right countertop for your space: 

Granite Countertop with faucet


There are many benefits to choosing granite countertops, including the fact that it is a one of a kind countertop! Famous for their unique naturally occurring patterns, they can have dramatic veins, random pieces of mica, or other materials found in the earth.


+Eye-catching appeal

+Heat + scratch resistant

+Can be locally sourced for convenience


-More costly

-More likely to stain due to porous material, needs to be sealed

-Not DIY friendly

Quartz Countertop


As a popular choice for kitchen islands or bathroom sink countertops, quartz can be manufactured in various ways to enhance any atmosphere. 


+Not porous = Stain resistant - never has to be sealed

+Heat + scratch resistant

+Highly customizable - can be cast into a range of shapes and any color imaginable


-Not DIY friendly

-The more exotic looking the more costly

-Each slab is identical, not unique

Laminate Countertop


Popular in kitchens, this countertop style is equally as affordable as it is functional, making it an extraordinary choice for budgeted home projects.


+Extremely cost-efficient+Easy installation

+Available in various styles and colors


-Not as sustainable as more expensive countertops

-More likely to be chipped or scratched if not maintained

-Requires upkeep to prevent water damage to the underlay

Wood Countertop


With a rise in rustic style, wood countertops are a popular trend seen in many natural-themed homes and are perfect for achieving a modern farmhouse aesthetic.


+Can be customized in any shape and size to suit your dimensions 

+Easily matched as it suits modern, traditional, and rustic aesthetic 

+Highly sustainable, functional, and durable 

+Variety of woods to choose from with flexible costs


-Requires regular maintenance

-Can expand with heat, making it vulnerable to steam in bathroom areas

-Requires professional installation and sealing

Marble Countertop

With these amazing choices in mind and their benefits, choosing the right countertop will be easier to narrow down and find the perfect match for your bathroom or kitchen!

Enjoy the design process and create your vision into a reality! For future inquiries, design insight, or general design questions, reach out to us personally on our website - We’d love to hear from you!